Friday, 21 June 2013

Have a happy summer

Hi guys!!
Today is the last day of  Primary School. We want to  say good bay because  next year we are going  to the Secondary School.
In this school we left many years of our lives with our friends,  also laughs, moments, stupid things, anger..
Thank for all these years <3 and have a happy summer.

I have create this image with pixlr 

Friday, 19 April 2013

My summer clothes

Hi guys!
Today, I want to talk about my favourite summer clothes:
1.This outfit consists of an orange sweatshirt with short sleeve and a jeans.
2.This outfit consists of a  beige T-shirt with a drawing in red and a red trousers with cirles.
3.A dress with a cowboy scarf.
4.A blue, white and black sweater  with light blue trousers.
5.A white striped  with flowers and  navy shorts. 
6.A white shirt  with navy shorts.
7.A red dress.
8.A white shirt with red flowers and red shorts.
 I created this collage in iPiccy and edited in Pizap.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My best friend Nerea

Today, I wan't to talk about my best friend Nerea.
She's 11 year old and she is a very good person.
She is very tall and very thin..
Her favorite colour is blue and her favorite food is spaghetti.
Her favourite book is "The ice princess".
Her favourite film is "Giving the note".
She rides a horse in a riding school.
In her space time, when he is not walking his dog,
is reading a book or playing with his brother.
We met when we were very little and since then we are very good friends.
I edited this photo in Befunky.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Easter is a  Christian holiday, celebrated in the spring.
On Easter Sunday, many families go to church.
On Easter Sunday is tradition people wear beautiful Easter bonnets.
Some cities have an Easter Day Parade.
 People dress in nice clothes and walk inn the parade to celebrate and enjoy the holiday.
Many people wear the Easter bonnets to the parade.
During Easters, we see colorful Easter eggs.
Easter eggs are hand paintied, or dye .
The eggs are put into beautiful Easter baskets.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Father's Day

                                         Father's Day is celebrated on the 19 of March.
                             It is  a day in which you show your love for him, he's a good father.
                                     It is tradicitn to give him something  because  it's his day.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Poseidon the king of the sea

                              Poseidon was the king of the sea in  Greek mythology.
         That says this god was someone who offers tibute to sailors to have good weather to get  home.
                          Poseidon controlled sea creatures, had a trident and a tail as the mermaids.
                  I know that Poseidon was for the Greek people and Neptune for the Roman  people.
                                       They were the same god but with different name.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Amazing magazine

                                                        I make this magazine in Pulp-O-Mizer .
                                                   ou can choose the background, the characters.
                                                                      Try it is very fun!


They say that Cleopatra it was not particulary beautiful but had an envied ability to seduction. In fact, Cleopatra was mistress of  two of the most prominent men of her day, Julio César and Marco Antonio. And took advantage of these relations in her own political advantage: its alliance with Julio César took the throne on Egypt, and with Marco Antonio formend the most powerful couple of the West. It's say that Cleopatra                                  bathet in milk to soften the skin.